De Futebol- Man U Liverpool Tied. Man Shitty wins big time. Shitty at the top of the table with 22 points. The Red Devils are second with 20

Man U played for the point and the clean sheet. This is what the guys got. A nil-nil draw against Liverpool at the Reds house Anfield.

We will see how this strategy plays out as the season plays out.

Up next for Man U is Huddersfield at the Terriers house.

Man U has 20 points and a plus 19.

The Daily Mail:” Jose did what Jose does. And Jose got what Jose wanted.

Neither spectacle nor occasion will move Mourinho from a preordained strategy. Rumours that he would start with nine forwards and just one defender proved surprisingly unfounded. A point was what he needed and a point was what he took home.

It was Liverpool, with one win in eight game now, who badly needed a victory. Yet football’s oldest law says that it’s easier to contain than create. Mourinho knows it. Perhaps not to the extent that his fiercest critics would contend. Lest we forget – and he certainly won’t allow us to – his Real Madrid team were record goal-scorers in La Liga and his Chelsea side magnificent at times.

But right now, he doesn’t need the show. The flair associated with this club of old can be saved for the goal festivals against the likes of West Ham, Swansea, Everton and Crystal Palace. Liverpool away requires a different plan. And, as Mourinho famously claimed at this ground once before, he’s not about to play the part of the clown at the circus. The hoopla and excitement of the game, you suspect, moved him not a jot. His eye is on a bigger prizes.

It was Jurgen Klopp’s turn, two years into his Liverpool tenure and facing questions as to how much progress has been made, to show us what he’s got. The onus was on him; or rather, that is how Mourinho wanted the game to be defined. And so that is largely how it played out.

Not that it didn’t have all the ingredients of England’s most formidable football clash. Crowds thronged outside from breakfast time in anticipation of something special. When the time came, Anfield roared for Kenny Dalglish, celebrating the stand named after him on Friday and the knot of United fans in the corner shouted defiance. This remodelled stadium is now a fitting stage and at times that din was intoxicating.

Yet, frankly, the game itself, at present struggles to match the atmosphere, which is becoming the star of these ultimately-disappointing encounters.

At times, Liverpool threatened to break the leash with which had subdued them. Principally there was a moment on 36 minutes when Roberto Firmino produced a dummy which left Nemanja Matic bewildered. The Brazilian’s cross found Joel Matip six yards out: he shot and David de Gea saved brilliantly and instinctively while Mohamed Salah fired the rebound wastefully wide.

In those moments you could question Mourinho and wonder whether he placed too much faith in his own ability to contain and control a contest. . With Frimino, Salah and Philippe Coutinho, was always have a chance and as the defensive side, you always run that risk of being undone by a moment of genius. But those moments were few and far between.

Undoubtedly Liverpool were the better side in that they seized the initiative, as you might have expected at Anfield, and attempted to wrest the game from Mourinho’s grasp. And Salah, fresh from his Egyptian heroics, was incisive, cutting inside United’s defence with his pace, though his penalty claim in the 16th was rightly waved away.

But in general, Mourinho looked as though this was all in the plan and that nothing would disturb it. He has faced down more fearsome side that this Liverpool outfit in his time. There is pretty much a formula from getting away a high-profile contest with what he requires.

Starting with Ashley Young at right wing rather than left back was a clear indication of where the game was heading even before kick off. On those occasions when Romelu Lukaku did receive the ball and set off on a customary charge goalwards, neither Young nor Anthony Martial rushed to join him; their defensive duties clearly as much in their mind as their attacking role.

That said, United, with little more than a wayward Nemanja Matic shot to show for their first half, still almost went into the break head. Henrikh Mkhitaryan played in Lukaku and the Belgian forced hit it first time, forcing a fine save from his compatriot in goal, Simon Mignolet, on 44 minutes.

As time wore on, Murinho’s strategy received a more thorough interrogation Firmino’s strike on 49 minutes set both the side netting and Liveroool hearts fluttering; Joe Gomez lifted a ball into the box for Emre Can on 52 minutes which the German directed high over the bar. Still, these were chances and United, though hardly rocking, were at least a little shaky.

Liverpool continued to probe. On 71 minutes Salah was the breadth of stud away from connecting with a Firmino cross. By now Jesse Lingard and Marcus Rashford had joined the fray but more to reinforce the shape rather than throw caution to the wind. Liverpool introduced Daniel Sturridge and Alex Oxlade Chamberlain on 79 minutes. To no avail. What had been preordained by Mourinho came to pass. It wasn’t pretty but you couldn’t help but admire the predictability.

Man Shitty blows out Stoke City 7-2. Shitty is at the head of class with 22 points and a plus 25.

Tottenham gets by Bournemouth 1-0.

Spurs are third place with 17 points.

Crystal Palace scored their first two goals of the season. The Eagles shocked Chelsea 2-1 for Crystal Palace’s first win of the season.

Burnley and West Ham tied one.

Swansea City doubled up on Huddersfield 2-0.

Man Shitty is in the catbird seat 22 points. Man U is second with 20 points. Spurs are third 17 points.

Arsenal had a chance to jump into fourth place. The guys stunk the joint out in the dying embers of match up when Watford’s Tom Cleverley nailed the match winner in the 90th minute plus two to give the Hornets a 2-1 win over my Gunners.

Arsenal took a 1-0 lead at the break on a rocket header by Per Mertesacker from close range off a corner kick in the 39th minute.

The Hornets didn’t quit in the second half. Watford came back to score two second half goals to send my Gunners home with a ton questions and their third loss of the season.

Watford is now in fourth place with 15 points.

Chelsea is fifth with 13 points and Arsenal is sixth with 13 points.