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The bleeding at Arsenal has continued to happen. The guys lost out to Liverpool when Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain signed a contract.

The Guardian wrote:” Liverpool have completed the signing of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain for £40m from Arsenal.

Oxlade-Chamberlain successfully completed a medical with Liverpool staff on Wednesday at St George’s Park, where he is preparing for England’s World Cup qualifiers, having spurned a move to Chelsea in favour of working for Jürgen Klopp at Anfield.

“I am really, really happy we have got Alex signed,” Klopp said on Liverpool’s official website. “Since the last game I have been waiting and hoping we could make this transfer – and when I got the news he was ours it was fantastic.”

“I hear a lot of talk about positions but let’s talk about the player; he is someone with really good abilities who always gives everything for his team. A player that is positive and willing to take risks to try and make positive things happen.

“He may still be young but he has a lot of experience in the Premier League, Champions League and for his country. Already he is a very, very good player and I think he has the mentality and desire to get even better – and that excites me.”

Chelsea had agreed a £40m deal with Arsenal on Monday but the England international, wary of replicating his right-wing-back role for Antonio Conte’s team, declined to discuss the personal terms on offer at Stamford Bridge.

The 24-year-old’s stance enabled Liverpool to develop a long-standing interest in the midfielder and agree similar terms to what Chelsea had agreed – £35m plus £5m in add‑ons.

“Firstly, I’m delighted to have signed for Liverpool and a big thank-you to everyone here at the FA that has made this possible, using the facilities. It has been a massive help,” Oxlade-Chamberlain told Liverpool’s official website.

“I’m not going to say too much today; I’m here with England and we’ve got two big games coming up, so I want to focus on them. But I can’t wait to get to Melwood.”


  1. tophatal ........... · September 2, 2017

    Hemorrhaging at all levels within this club and it’s sad. I wonder if it’s because owner Stanley Kroenke is more concerned with the relocation of the Los Angeles Rams than he is with the soccer club ?

    I’ve always maintained American born owners in the Premierleague simply don’t give a $hit about the team and their only concern happens to be with the bottom line . The fans of Atsenal deserve a hell of a lot better than they have been getting and while idiots continue to blame Arsene Wenger , they should take a good long look at the owner Stanley Kroenke and his lack of accountability and demanding more of the Board of Directors. This crap starts from the top and not the other way around with the blame being placed on the shoulders of Arsene Wenger.


    • Bobby Gee · September 2, 2017

      I agree. Liverpool owners do have an understanding of what is going on. You do have to make money. They is what you spend it on. I read their is someone who wants to buy Arsenal. Kroneke turned him down.


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