De Futebol

The guys are back at it later today. Then the boys are off until September 9th.

Man U is the top dog with six points. The Red Devils have found their offensive form by scoring eight goals in two matches while giving zip zero nada.

Second place sits Huddersfield with six points. The Terriers are a plus four while Man U is a plus eight.

West Brom is third with six points a plus two.

Watford is fourth four points a plus two.

Man Shitty is fifth four points- plus two.

Liverpool claims sixth place four points- plus one.

Arsenal has sunk to 11th place three points.

Chelsea is 12th place with three points.

Today’s matches look like this- Bournemouth-Man Shitty, Crystal Palace-Swansea City, Huddersfield-Southampton, Newcastle- West Ham, Watford-Brighton and Hove Albion, Man U-Leicester City.

Tomorrow has Chelsea-Everton, West Brom-Stoke City, Liverpool-Arsenal, and Tottenham-Burnley.

We will see how the table all shakes out at the end of business on Sunday.