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Pele told the Daily Mail that for Brasil to win the World Cup they must have a team not just one player. “Brazil legend Pele has warned the current crop of stars that they cannot just rely on Neymar and Gabriel Jesus if they are to emulate him in become a World Cup winner.

Brazil are on the verge of qualifying for next summer’s showpiece in Russia – with the five-time World Cup winners sitting eight points clear at the top of South American qualifying.

Barcelona forward Neymar is very much the superstar of the team and all hopes will rest on his shoulders if the Selecao are to add a sixth star above their badge.

Neymar can expect help from Manchester City striker Gabriel Jesus too, but Pele insists it will require a team effort for his compatriots to reign supreme.

Asked if the presence of Neymar could make the difference, the three-time World Cup winner said: ‘Listen, this is very difficult to say because today people mention one or two good players, but who won the game and [the] World Cup is the team.

‘Individually it is difficult to say people [did it]. Sometimes one team have a better one [player]. For example, Barcelona have Lionel Messi, one player, but they have a lot of good players.

‘To win the World Cup, or to win the game it has to be a nice team not just one player.

‘…Of course, always we [Brazil] expect to win [the World Cup]. I think Brazil has good new players and the team has more experience because most of the players that play for the national team play outside [of Brazil]. This is important.

‘What we need now is to get a nice team and let them play. I think it will be an excellent World Cup and I wish Brazil make the final.’


  1. tophatal ........... · August 5, 2017

    Brazil will always be a contender for the World Cup , but my continued misgivings concerning the team has been of a competitive need on defense. They have been way too complacent and it will come back to bite them in the proverbial @ss


    • Bobby Gee · August 5, 2017

      I agree. The “D” has been down right offensive. this does need a ton of attention


      • tophatal ........... · August 6, 2017

        The defense has always been Brazil’s Achilles Heel . They have lacked composure and consistency for a number of years now.


      • Bobby Gee · August 6, 2017

        This is so true. It must be addressed if the guys want to win the World Cup


      • tophatal ........... · August 6, 2017

        Brazil will be among the top four teams favored to win the World Cup . I believe they will advance with ease from their qualifying group .


      • Bobby Gee · August 6, 2017

        The guys should.


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