De Futebol


The guys are back at it later today. The biggie takes place between Man U and Liverpool tomorrow at Old Trafford.

This is a must win for both the Reds and the Red Devils.

Man U and Liverpool tied nil-nil at Anfield about month ago.

Today’s line up has my Gunners battling Swansea City at the Swans house. Arsenal needs to win this puppy if we want to stay in the hunt for the title.

My Gunners are in fifth place with 41 points. Man U is sixth with 39.

Tottenham-West Brom, Burnley- Southampton, Hull City- Bournemouth, Sunderland-Stoke City, Watford-Middlesbrough, West Ham-Crystal Palace, and Leicester-Chelsea.

Tomorrow has Everton- Man Shitty.

Chelsea sits in the catbird seat with 49 points. Liverpool is second with 44 points. Spurs are third with 42 points. Shitty is fourth with 42 points. Arsenal is fifth with 41 points. Man U is sixth with 39.

Only ten points separate first Chelsea and sixth place Man U.


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